Let us help with your design project. We can develop an entirely new design or work from one of the designs in the catalog. Here are some of the services we provide for our clients:


Patterns and Textures for Branding
Patterns and Textures for Products
Patterns and Textures for Packaging
Patterns and Textures for Interior Design and Decor
Exclusive and Royalty Free Prints
Trend Reports
Consultancy and Design Direction
Original Artwork and Illustration
Design Revisions and Adaptations

Order our design services here or send us an email at to discuss further.

Surface Design Customization
Order this option if you want to make a change to the color, pattern scale or file format of the design artwork.

Surface Design Modification
Order this option if you’d like to create something new from an existing design. Changes made can be to pattern design in addition to color, pattern scale, file format changes etceteras.

New Surface Design
This option is for a new design and includes a full design process including ideation, mood boards, multiple design reviews and designs to choose from.